SV-719 Gate Plug-in


The Sonalksis SV-719 is an multi-function expander processor modelled on vintage expander circuits. Whether you want a classic gated drum effect, or are trying to tame a dynamic bass line, the 'true analogue' SV-719 will give noticeably more traditional results. While a gate is not usually the most inspiring of audio processors, typical 'digital' gates sound very different to analogue units due to the subtleties of the way the gate opens and closes, so to achieve certain sounds - like a tight classic 'disco' drumbeat - an analogue style gate is the only way forward.

The SV-719 is among the most extensively featured gate/expanders available. With external side-chain inputs, multiple band side-chain filtering, midi triggering capability, and independent left/right channel triggering possibilities, you are unlikely to ever require more from a gate. In addition there is also a Ducking mode, and a hybrid analogue/digital signal path allows look-ahead processing for extra flexibility.


The SV-719 intimately models the characteristics of a real analogue processor to capture the nuances of an analogue gate, so the SV-719 is perfect if you are after that classic gated drum effect. With control over not only the 'hold' time, but also the more traditional 'hystersis' found on vintage gates, you can fine tune the gate with absolute precision, and avoid 'chattering' artefacts.

This plugin is capable of much more than just classic gating: the 'Expansion' mode allows for more subtle noise reduction, or de-emphasis of background disturbances, while 'Ducking' mode - normally a feature for voiceover work - can also be used creatively to de-emphasise audio which might cloud a mix when there's too much going on. The external side-chain can be set up to listen to critical sections of the mix, and the SV-719 can then automatically gently trim portions of a track to create space for the mix to breathe.


- Separate gate and expander models, with soft or hard-knee expansion
- Sonalksis 'State Space' circuit model for true analogue response
- Ducking-mode capability
- External Side-Chain, with multiple band filtering
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Midi Triggering capability, with independent left-right triggering
- Zero latency capability - enables the gate to be used in the monitor path for tracking situations
- VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64 bit)

"This is by far the best sounding Gate/Expander out there. You just feel that Analogue thing right away!"

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