Creative Filter Plug-in


The Sonalksis Creative Filter is the world's first 'Adaptive Resonance' filter - an entirely new generation of filter that automatically adapts resonance and saturation characteristics according to a psychoacoustic model. It can be used for slow, gentle sweeps; massive screaming distorted sounds, and just about everything in between. Ultimately though, the Creative Filter is simply about creativity.

The Creative Filter is designed to be flexible enough to fulfil your needs whenever you reach for a filter, but without forcing you through a complex interface, or requiring time spent calibrating fine detail. It adaptively calibrates itself for you. So whether you want a filter to correct a sound, to make a sonic statement, or to create something completely new, you can achieve what you want directly and with minimal effort.


Standard filters require the alteration of resonance with frequency to maintain stable sonic attributes, particularly when resonance or saturation levels are elevated. This can make setup complex, adjustments difficult, and makes obtaining a perfect filter sweep very demanding. However the Creative Filter's 'adaptive resonance' system uses a psychoacoustic model to ensure a faultless sound regardless of filter style, distortion levels, frequency settings or sweep motions.

Adaptive Resonance is the technology in the Sonalksis Creative Filter that controls the interaction between frequency, resonance and circuit saturation with respect to this psychoacoustic model, in order to give an improved sonic aesthetic in any circumstances.


- Adaptive Resonance Technology with adaptive saturation algorithm
- Four available 'modes' of adaptive resonance
- Midi version available
- Multi-mode filter response types
- High quality, analogue-modelled minimum phase filters
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Zero latency throughput - absolutely no internal signal delay whatsoever
- VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64 bit)

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